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Buying A Diamond Necklace

Natural Diamond Necklace

A gorgeous Natural Diamond Necklace is a beautiful way to show your loved one how much you care. If you buy a necklace at a reputable local or online jeweler, you can be sure that it is a quality piece.

Natural diamonds hold an organic integrity, emotional power and enduring value that inspire jewelry designers. While lab grown diamonds are an increasingly popular choice, many people prefer the beauty of a natural diamond.


Diamond necklaces are classic jewelry pieces that can instantly glam-up a casual outfit or a formal one. Diamond necklaces are available in a variety of lengths and designs, from simple chains to intricate pendants. These sparkling gems are also paired with a variety of metals including gold, silver and platinum.

Natural Diamond Necklace

Clarity of the diamond is important when selecting a natural diamond pendant. The clarity of a diamond determines how well it can refract the light, which increases its luster and brilliance. A necklace should ideally be made from a diamond which is either internally flawless (IF) or very slightly included. This type of diamond necklace is expensive and not readily available to most consumers. A good alternative is to choose a diamond with minimal inclusions that can still be viewed by the naked eye, known as eye clean diamonds. These gems are graded SI or VS.

When purchasing a natural gemstone necklace, it is important to consider the color of the diamond. The color of the diamond affects its appearance. It is also a reflection of culture and history from the country it was mined. A necklace of a darker hue may appear richer, while one with a lighter color is more classic.

It is best to consult with a professional jeweler when selecting a diamond pendant. These retailers can be trusted to provide quality and authenticity. Their customer reviews will help you make a more informed decision. They can guide you through a maze of options, ensuring your choice is in line with both your budget and your personal style. You can be sure that your natural diamond pendant will be a timeless masterpiece.


Diamond necklaces come in a variety of shapes, from the classic round brilliant to the more contemporary octagon. Consider your personal style and neckline when choosing the perfect diamond shape. If you wear crew-neck sweaters and T-shirts, choose a chain that is shorter and sits closer to the chest. If you like a V-necked shirt, choose a chain that is longer and sits lower on your neckline.

A bezel setting has a more minimalistic design that will not catch on your clothing or accessories. It’s also a great option for pendants that have intricate details and designs. The main downside is that a bezel setting doesn’t allow light to reach the diamonds, so they may not sparkle as much.

Your diamond necklace’s look and feel will be different depending on which metal you select. Gold is a classic choice for a traditional and elegant look, while platinum offers a modern and bolder look. Rose gold is also becoming a popular choice because of its unique and feminine appeal. The warm undertones complement a wide range of skin tones and add an exquisite contrast to the sparkle of the diamonds.

It’s important that you shop at a reputable jeweler, or a trusted online platform which prioritizes transparency and quality. The right jewelry shop will have a wide selection of products and detailed product descriptions to make it easier for you to choose the perfect piece. Customers’ reviews and testimonials will give you an idea of the store’s expertise and credibility. This will help you have a positive shopping experience and find a diamond necklace which reflects your unique style and celebrates it.


A diamond necklace is a timeless fashion accessory that can add instant glamour to your ensemble. There are many styles to choose from to add a touch of elegance or casualness to your outfit. Choose from a range of gold and silver jewelry with gemstones and beads to create a statement that will always be in style.

You can also opt for a necklace that highlights a rare diamond. This stunning piece of jewelry is the ideal gift to show your love for someone.

This necklace’s perfect symmetry is a testament to its 19th century designer. Its vertical symmetry runs along the central long fringe, or pendant, and is made up of two types flower head clusters: a smaller one, with a single large, spherical, pearl in its center, surrounded with circular-cut, diamonds; and a larger, on either side, with a spherical, pearl in its center, surrounded with 12 more circular-cut, diamonds.

This necklace is a good example of Victorian motifs such as leaves, flowers, vines and garlands. It also reflects a growing affluence in the upper middle class during the 19th century. It was set on a white metal that appears to be gold or silver backed by gold, as platinum had not been introduced at the time for jewellery design.

This beautiful necklace features a gorgeous 1.02 carat shield cut natural diamond in a classic 14k yellow gold setting. The sparkling diamond has a vibrant brilliance, and a rich Champagne hue. This is beautifully enhanced by warm golden tones.

Fancy Color Diamonds

Fancy color diamonds are the rarest and most sought-after of all natural diamonds. Red, pink, or blue diamonds are rare and valuable, even more so than their colorless counterparts. Diamonds in colors like green, purple, or orange are rarer but equally beautiful. These one-of-a-kind diamond necklaces will add a hint of glamor to any look.

Diamond pendants are often worn as a symbol of enduring love, affection, and devotion. They are often worn to mark important milestones and special events. Whether you are celebrating an anniversary, a birthday, or simply the joy of life itself, there is nothing more meaningful than giving the gift of a beautiful diamond pendant.

A diamond pendant can instantly glam any casual or formal ensemble. It’s no wonder that diamond necklaces are a staple of Hollywood A-listers, royalty, and models everywhere. There is a diamond pendant to suit every style, from sleek riviere designs and dazzling heart-shaped necklaces.

Choosing the right setting for a diamond pendant is a personal choice that is typically determined by your lifestyle and taste. Most often, we recommend selecting a chain that sits on your collar bone as this is both comfortable and safe. Although a pendant can easily be worn daily, you should keep in mind it could come into contact with harsh chemical or physical activities which could damage the setting and diamond. It is also important to regularly clean your diamond necklace to help preserve its beauty and shine. For these reasons, choose a 14k-gold chain that will withstand the test of time without tarnishing.

Multi-Stone Diamonds

When it comes to diamond necklaces, the options are endless. Diamond necklaces come in a variety of styles and designs. From the classic solitaire to the contemporary diamond tennis neckalce or the popular Journey and Circle of Life designs that celebrate life’s curved path and the eternal nature of the love, there is a diamond necklace for every woman.

If you’re looking for a diamond pendant for yourself or a gift, it may be worth considering a piece with a strand made of natural or laboratory grown diamonds. Synthetic diamonds are becoming more popular as consumers look for an alternative to mined stones that is both sustainable and ethical. Lab diamonds are identical to natural diamonds, rating a perfect 10 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, and are crafted from the same elements as natural diamonds – ensuring a quality and look that’s just as beautiful.

A multi-stone natural diamond necklace can be an excellent choice for those who want to add some colour and sparkle to outfits. For example, this Hydrate necklace from our Venezia collection features a blue Sapphire accented with round Brilliant Cut natural diamonds crafted in 18K white gold.

If you’re looking for a diamond jewellery item that is more dramatic and meaningful, you might want to explore the various styles of multi stone rings. The most popular of these is the trilogy ring. It features a central stone flanked on either side by two smaller stones to represent the past present and future of the relationship.

Other ring styles include the cluster and Art Deco inspired designs, which feature groups of small diamonds or gemstones to create a larger impact. These ring designs are perfect for those who like to wear jewellery that has a deeper meaning. They feature bold patterns and symmetrical patterns.

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