Help the Patrick O'Connell Memorial Fund
- to establish suitable memorials at his birthplace in Dublin and unmarked final resting place in London.
- to pay tribute to Don Patricio by means of commissioned monuments at each of the clubs he played for and managed.

Fergus Dowd Roy Keane 2016On Thursday, 24th March, Irish assistant-manager, Roy Keane attended a meeting with members of the POC Fund in Castleknock to discuss the Fund's progress. At the meeting were Fund members, Fergus Down and John Collins, mural artist Michael Doherty with wife Maureen, and Maureen O'Sullivan TD with Keith O'Connor (assistant). Roy is no stranger to Patrick's story, having met Fergus over a year ago during the fledgling stages of the movement. He expressed particular interest in Patrick's association with FC Barcelona and also the regeneration of the dilapidated grave, offering Fund members best wishes going forward. The Fund then presented Roy (and Martin) with a framed image documenting Ireland's victory in the Home Championship in 1914. O'Connell captained the side that beat England and Wales, and drew with Scotland to claim the title. Roy is the latest member of a significant roll of honour. Three other Irish players have captained both Manchester United and Ireland over the years. O'Connell was the pioneer of the Irish in Manchester. He was followed by Johnny Carey and Noel Cantwell. Roy wraps up the notable list. Tony Denton's fine artistic collection of "Irish Captains of Manchester United" was on display during the meeting. The POC Memorial Fund would like to express its sincere thanks to Roy Keane and Co. for taking the time to discuss the issues relating to Patrick O'Connell's lost legacy.