Help the Patrick O'Connell Memorial Fund
- to establish suitable memorials at his birthplace in Dublin and unmarked final resting place in London.
- to pay tribute to Don Patricio by means of commissioned monuments at each of the clubs he played for and managed.

Keane Man Utd Captain

Republic of Ireland Assistant Manager Roy Keane has been a big supporter of the Patrick O'Connell Memorial Fund. Roy has taken time out of his busy schedule to sign three donated shirts to help raise funds to restore Patrick's unmarked grave. Like Patrick, Roy captained Ireland and Manchester United. On Holy Thursday, Roy Keane will meet the Patrick O'Connell Memorial Fund with artist Tony Denton from Manchester. Mr. Keane will be shown a painting which will be presented to Mark Wylie, curator of the Old Trafford Museum at Manchester United, in the coming months. The painting is of the four Irish club captains of Manchester United Football Club - O'Connell, Carey, Cantwell and Keane.

Take a look at some of Manchester-based artist Tony Denton's commissioned work -