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- to establish suitable memorials at his birthplace in Dublin and unmarked final resting place in London.
- to pay tribute to Don Patricio by means of commissioned monuments at each of the clubs he played for and managed.

DIPLOCAT, FC Barcelona and the Patrick O’Connell Memorial Fund pay homage to Patrick O’Connell

Patrick O'Connell

DIPLOCAT - The Public Diplomacy Council of Catalunia - were heavily involved in the initiative to formally honour Patrick O'Connell at Barcelona. The full story of their involvement can be found at (see below).

DIPLOCAT, FC Barcelona and the Patrick O’Connell Memorial Fund pay homage to Patrick O’Connell
Within its program of sports diplomacy, the Public Diplomacy Council of Catalonia (DIPLOCAT) organised on 30 December 2015 an event to pay tribute to the ex-player and ex-football trainer Patrick O'Connell before the start of the Camp Nou match of Betis and Barça, two of the teams trained by O’Connell...

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Red Carpet Treatment for POC Fund at Camp Nou

On Wednesday 30th December, in the hallowed grounds of Camp Nou, POC Fund representatives Fergus Dowd and Alan McLean were honoured to be official guests of FC Barcelona President Señor Bartomeau. The ceremony was arranged to celebrate and formally commemmorate Patrick O'Connell's remarkable association with FC Barcelona. Fergus and Alan exchanged a number of gifts with Barça Officials, including the presentation of a stunning painting of Patrick by Manchester-based artist Tony Denton to the FC Barça Museum.

Camp Nou Ceremony Inducts Don Patricio into Hall of Fame

Estadio Camp Nou, Barcelona
Wednesday 30th December 7.30pm


Media coverage of today's events...

We are proud to announce that Maureen O'Sullivan, TD from Dublin, who has been such a great supporter of this campaign, will join POC Fund representatives Fergus Dowd and Alan McLean at the Nou Camp in Barcelona on Wednesday evening.

MOS-TDMaureen writes "...I am delighted to be heading to a long time supporter of the Patrick O'Connell cause. I was invited to attend the match between Barca and Real Betis where Patrick's great achievements will be honoured by the iconic club he saved during the Spanish Civil War. The football landscape throughout the world would be quite different today without the famous Barcelona and it is only fitting that this north inner-city Dublin native should be remembered for his work. What started as a group supporting a gravestone for Patrick who died desolate in London has now turned into a much bigger project to bring this forgotten man to life."



Our POC Fund representatives will be in Barcelona on Wednesday, 30th December for a ceremony to honour the name of former Barça manager Patrick O'Connell. Fergus Dowd and Alan McLean will be at the famous Nou Camp Stadium to meet Barça's President, Señor Bartomeau, and representatives of both clubs in an act which will finally see "Don Patricio's" name inducted into the FC Barcelona "Hall of Fame". Our group will then be guests at the match involving two of O'Connell's most famous former teams.

The event, which will take place in the stadium about an hour before kick-off, will see the presentation to FC Barça of an iconic painting of Patrick by the talented Manchester-based artist, Tony Denton, along with a print of a team photo of O'Connell as part of the 1914 Home Championship winning Ireland side. Both items will feature in the stadium and the club's famous museum.

The Barcelona v Real Betis match holds a great significance to our campaign. O'Connell achieved notoriety as the manager who helped save FC Barça during the difficult years of the Spanish Civil War by taking them on a foreign tour to raise the finances to save the club. Just a couple of years earlier in 1935 he was at Real Betis in Seville, famously guiding the team to their one and only La Liga title.

Both clubs have been tremendously supportive of our campaign and we would like to thank them for their continued involvement.

POC Fund News Roundup - December 2015

Iconic FC Barcelona manager lived in west Belfast

Photo courtesy of Hugh Russell

Research by Drew Ferris (Archive Ordnance Survey Dept. Northern Ireland) has established that Patrick O'Connell lived at 163 Albert St. Belfast during his playing days. Ferris pointed out that the house was 30m from the kerbline at the top of the street. The street changed in the 80s due to the Westlink development but the kerbline on the street stayed the same. While the current building is in dispute, it is believed that the house is either 119 or 120. We hope to have specific details in the coming weeks. The POC Fund have applied for a 'Blue Plaque' on the street, and hopes to meet Drew in the new year to present a special gift. Both Alderman Jim Rodgers (UUP) and MLA for the Falls Road Fra McCann have now endorsed the project.

Patrick will be honoured at the upcoming FC Barcelona v Real Betis match on December 30th by the Council of Catalonia and the Board of Directors of FCB & Real Betis. It is 80 years since Patrick became manager of the club in 1935.